What Shall I Do When Colic Strikes?

What Shall I Do When Colic Strikes?

With a newborn,Crying is a natural occurrence,  but what do you do when you have a baby that cries nonstop? Chances are you may have a baby with colic. Still a mystery to the medical community, colic strikes newborns and causes them to cry almost 24 hours a day for up to three months, then just stops without rhyme or reason. What do you do for those three months to keep your sanity and calm?


Here is a few tips that should help you with these very rough times:

  1. Try a baby swing. Often, the motion will soothe your shrieking baby and get them to fall asleep faster.
  2. Swaddle your baby. He/she won’t like the process, but the result is amazing. All of the following steps work better on a swaddled baby!
  3. Put baby on top of the washing machine on spin cycle or on top of the dryer. Have the baby in the car seat or a baby bouncer. The vibrations are calming to babies.
  4. Take your baby for a car ride. Bundle them up and often within 10 minutes in the car, cries are quieted.
  5. Try to Lay the baby on his/her stomach across your knees (remember to support the head). Jiggle your feet up and down and pat softly. This vibration can be very soothing and calming.
  6. Try to Turn on the vacuum cleaner! may be this sounds an odd, but it works. Just set the baby in the bassinet or car seat and let them become fascinated at a sound louder than them.
  7. After the swaddleding , turn baby on his/her side and jiggle them. Shush him/her loudly – make sure he/she can hear you over their own screaming. Think about how loud the vacuum cleaner is…that’s the kind of volume it might take to first get the babies attention.
  8. Try to Lie on your back in a quiet, dark place. Hold the baby firmly on your chest with his/her head over your heart. Raising your knees with your feet flat on a solid surface, rock yourself, calming the baby.
  9. Turn a floor fan on. The sound of the fan calms the baby down. Make sure you can hear it, and it’s not like a quiet wind blower.
  10. Offer something soothing to suck. When baby begins to calm down, give him/her something to suck on (pacifier or your finger). Gradually reduce the jiggling and shushing as they calm.
  11. Try a rectal catheter. Using a rectal catheter like the Windi can instantly relieve your baby of gas. The catheter reaches past the cramped muscles of the baby and releases the pent up gasses.
  12. Offer baby stomach ease tea. Herbs like fennel, chamomile, thyme and anise give instant colic relief and are known and used since generations. A spoon before and after every feed shall be helpful.

I had 2 colic daughters and I know exactly what any parent would go through when colic strike their baby.  I will be introducing the natural remedy that ended my 2 daughter’s unbearable colic nights as soon as it become available.





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