What Causes Colic In Babies? What Are The Remedies

The Causes Of Baby Colic


Despite all the scientific studies, no single common cause for colic has been unearthed. The fussiness of colic has many different causes, and that’s why there is no one way to help with colic.

Some hints of the causes may include one of the 8 possibilities underneath:

  1. Digestive complications, perhaps due to intolerance of cow’s milk protein or lactose
  2. A Reflux – A Heartburn due to stomach acid and milk flowing back into the esophagus
  3. An immature digestive system in which the intestinal muscles are often in spasm
  4. An Air (gas) in the intestinal tract
  5. An Increased in hormone levels that cause stomachaches or a fussy mood swings
  6. A Hypersensitivity to a stimulation in the environment (sound, light, darkness etc.
  7. The intense temperament in the newborn period
  8. Or An immature nervous system

Remember that all of these are only hypotheses, and keep in mind that you are not to blame for your baby’s behavior .

Studies conducted in Canada, Italy , and Poland reported that Babies who develop colic have higher than normal concentrations of bacteria that can cause gas and inflammation.



Colic babies may also have lower than normal concentrations of the “good” bacteria, probiotics like Lactobacillus.

So,  differences in gut flora are linked with baby colic. But what causes colic baby symptoms?

One idea proposes colicky babies have inflammation of the gut, a hypothesis consistent with observations that colic babies are more likely to test positive for show biomarkers of low-grade inflammation.

Researchers speculate that A mix of STRAY bacteria could lead babies to develop more pain receptors in the gut, causing them to be more sensitive to potentially painful stimuli. And as a result, something that doesn’t bother the average baby much,  like a little extra gas, might cause a lot of discomfort in a colic infant.


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What Causes Colic In Babies?


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