We Cannot Take It No Longer With Colic Baby

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You No Longer Can Take It With Your Colic Baby?


Sara- My Ex Colic Baby

You are not alone in this world living the horrible experience of a colic baby,  there is countless parents out there experiencing the same lovely effects of a colic baby.  I survived this tough experience twice and managed to pull through it with the help of some remedies I’ll be placing it on this website later on as it becomes available.

The good thing about this phenomina is that it does not last more than 3 to 4 months at most,  it does naturally go right after this period. The best thing to do in this situation is to switch turns between the parents in helping the baby during this horrible period. Do not make your frustration and anger take the best of you, its only a matter of time for the whole episode to become history and your  baby smile to brighten the rooms again.

It is always healthy to share your stress with others and yes talk about what you are going through and get it off your chest. Therefore I have a few scripts below of the many people like you sharing these episodes that you may find helpful and whom also may give you some sense of relief.



Sam Ammouri

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