Is Sage Of Any Benefits To Your Health? Lets Find Out!

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Sage To Your Health?



Health benefits of sage are many. This herb is beneficial for not only grown ups but also for children. Sage health benefits are due to the presence of various minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants.
Therefore, the herb is useful for each and every organ of the human body. The health benefits of sage can be derived from including the herb in various foods. Sage health benefits can also be derived from its oil and paste.

Sage health benefits:


As a herb sage is very good for the functioning of the brain. If consumed from childhood on a regular basis sage  helps to boost memory power and growth of the brain. It can also be consumed by adults to improve their memory.

This unique herb has a very high content of anti oxidants. As a result it builds the body strong enough to fight against cancer and also prevents the body from getting damaged by oxidation

Female’s bodies need much more care and strength during certain periods. Sage plays a very important roll in regularizing the menstruation cycle of women. Sage also has immense health benefits when it comes to other gynaecological problems.

Herb Sage is packed with anti bacterial properties. It helps the human body to get rid of bacteria from its different parts like the eyes, genitals and the stomach therefore and helps to reduce pains and gasses.

Iron is a very important mineral required by our body. This amazing herb is full of iron and helps the body to get the required dosage.

The Vitamin A and calcium is present in an immense quantity in this herb. These are not only good to build bones and teeth but also good for a glowing and healthy skin.

Many Microbial infections and few fungal infections can be cured by sage. This is due to the microbial properties present in this unique herb.

when Sage is used in food not only caters to a great taste but also helps to improve digestion. Sprinkling little sage in your food will prevent you from facing acidity and indigestion, it also proved extremely helpful in curing colic baby stomach pains.

It is also a highly a highly recommended element in the cosmetic industry. Sage extract is used in abundance in skin creams as it helps the reduction of skin marks and reduce wrinkles. It’s oil is also used to cure different kinds of skin infection and diseases.


The herb is also still extensively used during surgeries in many different parts of the world. It helps to heal all kinds of sores, wounds and purifies incisions caused as a result of a surgery.

I used this herb to cure the colic conditions of my 2 daughters, it really worked magically. You have to be careful though to use the already processed ones that are already factory bottled and mixed with other materials may be not suitable for young babies, what is out there is convenient for an adult usage.

I can bring this herb fresh from overseas But I need to know if you are all interested in it first. So

If you are interested in using this herb to cure your colicky baby please leave me a comment in the box. if I see enough interest from all my site visitors here or at least the majority of them, I will start importing the herb as fresh as it can be from its original fields in the middle east. Pure and unprocessed, and I’ll till you exactly what to do upon it’s arrival.  Plus it is really very economical pricewise. One order will last throughout the whole baby colic episode of 3 or 4 months.

So… Start leaving your comments and give me the reason and the enthusiasm to start introducing the fresh herb.

Sincerely yours

Sam Ammouri

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