Discovering Colic Baby

The Right Steps to Addressing Baby Colic



My second colic baby (Lara)

Before looking to treat your baby’s “colic,” make sure he or she is thoroughly examined by her pediatrician to check for a medical reason for the crying and the discomfort.

Some of the possible medical reasons for irritability in an infant may include one of the 8 reasons under:

  1. An infection (for example: Could be an ear or urinary infection etc…
  2. Search for evidence of reflux or gastrointestinal distress
  3. Possible pressure or inflammation of the brain and nervous system
  4. Possible eye problem- for example: a scratch or increased pressure
  5. An abnormality of the rhythm of the heart
  6. Possible bone fracture
  7. Possible hernia
  8. Possible hair wrapped around a toe or finger

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