Home Remedies Colicky Baby – As effective as drug medicines Without Side Effects

 As effective as drug medicines Without Side Effects

Home Remedies Colicky Baby Is as effective as drug medicines applications minus the side effects of that particular drug if there is any. People throughout the long history had no clue to why babies are paining so much and did not even hear of the Colic definition of that pain till it was diagnosed by the medical community not too long ago.

people used all sorts of things to treat colicky babies during those days. The massaged baby’s tummies with olive oil, used the boiled water of chamomile, Zaffron, annis seeds, sage, to relieve babies pains very effectively.Home Remedies Colicky Baby

Swaddling your baby is another proven way to treat your colicky baby, you may also boost this treatment with the Miracle Swaddle Blanket that is becoming so popular among many moms to sooth the tummy pains of the babies, and help them in a deep sleep and calm.

Home Remedies Colicky Baby – soothing sounds

You may also apply some soothing sounds like fans, or even a vacuum cleaner, higher than your babies voice to distract him from his full concentration on his/her pain.



Take your baby for a little ride around for the purpose of distraction, don’t just sit home and make things look worse for both you and your baby. This episode is going to end in few weeks or a maximum of 4 months.

Also Some modern medicine proved to treat or relieve colic very effectively. Just make sure to read the full information of the product and whether or not it is suitable to treat the condition of your baby, pay more attention to it’s side effects. You don’t need to cure one thing and get another.

applying the above methods will either cure your baby or dramatically help reduce the pain and discomforts and reward him with badly needed peace & calm.

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Home Remedies Colicky Baby

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