Colicky Baby My Story Part 4

Colicky Baby My Story Part 4

By Kate Street

Colicky Baby My Story Part 4 … All of A sudden !

The day I wrote my “ in Colic Part 3” post…Kai stopped crying. Just like that. all of a sudden!

Exactly a month ago and I still vividly remember watching him sleep that first calm day. He looked more in his body, definitely more settled. The change was dramatic and palpable. After two episodes of non-stop crying ~ one that lasted 10 days, and one that lasted 9 ~ he was done. And that was it. forever gone. Colicky Baby My Story Part 4

To be honest, I didn’t feel the overwhelming relief I did the first time he stopped crying (perhaps because I knew it could return). What I felt was a quiet acceptance and even a satisfied-expectation. It just felt right ~ like “of course he’s done.”

And now he is almost 12 weeks old and he’s now the happy, happy baby he “told” me he was. He’s even becoming, dare I say….easy.

Now again, We’re in baby bliss mode and it feels absolutely scrumptious. And even though those 19 days were so, so, so hard, I wouldn’t trade them in for anything.


Colicky Baby My Story Part 4 – 19 days taught me so much

Those tough 19 days taught me more about unconditional love.

It taught me SO MUCH MORE about the art of allowing.

It taught me how to listen to my baby (and how much they REALLY CAN communicate with us if we just tune in).

And yes, they showed me my strength as a Mother. The last 7 days of constant crying, even though I was exhausted. I felt empowered. And I felt strongly, STRONGLY bonded to my incredibly brave, wise, crying baby.

For a mother who used to do EVERYTHING to keep her babies from crying, I learned that sometimes the ONLY thing you can do (if you’ve already done everything else) is to ALLOW them to cry ~ and provide them warm arms and a safe environment to work it all out naturally.

I can never be able to thank my Baby Kai enough for taking me on this journey with him.

He was a surprise since the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for me.

Kate Street

Thanks Kate, it’s people like you who makes a difference and sets examples to this complicated world. Now your baby is a few years old and may be he does not remember any of this, I hope not anyway. keep up the good work, you are a hero in the eyes of so many…


I hope kate’s story was of a grate help all of those who took the few minutes to read it. If you need any help with your colic baby or can add to this topic to help others please feel free to do so in the comment box below, you are fully appreciated.

By Kate Street

Read the full 4 parts of Kate’s marvelous and so helpful story of her colic baby (Kai) And how 19 days of colic horror turned into happy moments at the end.



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Colicky Baby My Story Part 4

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