Best Ways To Deal With Colic Babies – The Swaddle Blanket

What is the best ways to deal with Colic babies? To have a baby with colic has never been that easy. And it is normal and common to harbor some feelings of anger and resentment toward your cranky little thing. Of course, You are not a bad parent because your feelings turned a little dark and sour in the bad moments. Do not feel guilty that you have these feelings. We all do.

But if you think your anger could get out of control and you could actually harm, shake, or strike your baby, get help right immediately. Place your baby in a safe place, like the crib, and leave the room.

See if your spouse or a friend or a neighbor can be with your baby while you get some space. Or bring your baby to his pediatrician and discuss your worries about losing your control and temper.



Best Ways To Deal With Colic Babies

Try to take a break! If you’ve tried everything and your little baby is still crying away, it’s perfectly fine to put him to bed and let him continue to cry for a while without you interfering.

Allow others to care for your baby while you do something completely frivolous for yourself . Get out of the house do some of what you’ve accustomed to do, just normal living.

Don’t feel too guilty about this too much. You didn’t do anything to cause the colic of your little one.

Always Remember that this period in your baby’s life doesn’t last forever. You will get past this difficult period.

Try not to travel this path alone! Seek support and help wherever you can find it.

Best Ways To Deal With Colic Babies

The swaddle blanket

Apply new effective medicines in market. There is a few Colic medicine brands that proved very effective in dealing with colic. Some have instant results

Leverage the magic of the Miracle Swaddle Blanket, This blanket is getting so popular among moms with colic babies. Swaddling your baby with this blanket has been proved to be very effective.


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Should I start to Worry About Colic?

Bring your baby to the pediatrician to be rechecked for a possible medical cause of his crying If…

  • The babies growth and/or development are not going well
  • You are too distressed that you are worried you could hurt him/her
  • The baby has symptoms of a possible medical problem (e.g., fever, lethargy, decreased feeding… etc)
  • The symptoms may persists for up to 5 months


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Best Ways To Deal With Colic Babies

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